Edubuntu and Renaissance Place

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Tue Feb 5 15:29:38 GMT 2008


On Mon, 04 Feb 2008, Barb Tabor wrote:

> I am thinking of setting up a lab of thin clients using Edubuntu at one of our elementary schools.
> The teachers are very into AR (Accelerated Reader), STAR Reading and Math.
> We are thinking of going to Renaissance Place with Enterprise.
> Has anyone used Ren. Place with Edubuntu?
> Any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated.

I've never used it, but the Accelerated Reader system requirements say your
server must be Windows with SQL server, etc.  The desktop machine
requirements sau Windows or Mac with Adobe Acrobat Reader and IE or

Given that Edubuntu has firefox and you can install adobe acrobat reader
from the "multiverse" repository, it's plausible that this would work but
to be honest, there's no guarantee.  If you can find someone technical in
there they might give you a straight answer, but anyone in marketing will
just likely say "no".  After that you may just have to try it and see.

This statement makes me a little bit nervous:

 "If the proxy requires users to authenticate to access sites outside of the
 local network, Fluent Reader Student will be unable to connect to the
 server since applications that use the Microsoft .NET Framework run in the
 security context of a local user account."

as it does make it sound like there is some windows specific .NET
application.  I don't know much about Mono (the .Net framework on linux) so
am not sure if it'd be any help.


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