LTSP EdUbuntu Client Rom-o-matic Problems

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hi all,

i'm trying to setup edubuntu as a terminal server with about 8 clients at a local school.  i have the server setup (amd 2.0 ghz opteron) and i'm trying to connect the clients.  they have network boot, but don't have pxe capability.  therefore, i need to use:

to create a boot disk for them.  the clients ar p200 - p300 computers from gateway and compaq.  i have the mac addresses and i searched for the mfr information and have that, too.

however, i have no clue how to correlate that information to use the Choose NIC/ROM type: on the page.  can anyone help?

Have you PCI's ID for the NIC ? 

For list PCI's ID use on the old computers "lspci -n" with the liveCD.

And choose in the menu the NIC with the PCI's ID on the

Choose on the menu "ROM output format"  floppy bootable ROM for diskette or ISO Bootable image for CD Boot

Generate image with "Get ROM" and download on your PC with floppy or CD burn

and create diskette " dd if=image-disk.zdsk of=/dev/fd0 "

or burn image.iso on the CD



can someone help me understand how PCI ID?  i did lspci -n on my current computer and it gave me a list (maybe 10-15 list items).  how do i use that list to choose the right figure out the entry I should choose in the NIC/Rom type select box when i have a chance to visit the school and run the same command on their client computers?


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