LTSP EdUbuntu Client Rom-o-matic Problems

Ola Engström erik-o.engstrom at
Sat Feb 2 22:00:53 GMT 2008

I set up an experimental network with two Compaq deskpros (PIII/600 Mhz
server) (PII 400 Mhz client)
For the client I burned a CD-ROM from room-o-matic. I used the following
In: Choose NIC/ROM type I selected "eepro100:xxxxxxx"
eepro100 is the driver family for my compaq grapic cards. The XXXXXXX ,
could be anything but was for me unnecceassary info as I intented to use
a CD for starting the client.
In: Choose ROM output format  I selected Iso bootable image without
legacy floppy emulation. An uploaded the driver.

I then burned the image to a CD and popped it into the clients CD drive.
A corollary to Murphys law is: "Things never work the first time"  but
to my surprise IT WORKED.

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hi all,

i'm trying to setup edubuntu as a terminal server with about 8 clients at a local school.  i have the server setup (amd 2.0 ghz opteron) and i'm trying to connect the clients.  they have network boot, but don't have pxe capability.  therefore, i need to use:

to create a boot disk for them.  the clients ar p200 - p300 computers from gateway and compaq.  i have the mac addresses and i searched for the mfr information and have that, too.

however, i have no clue how to correlate that information to use the Choose NIC/ROM type: on the page.  can anyone help?

also, the instructions at say i need to enable pxe emulation.  does that mean i have to choose the pxe bootstrap loader format option ROM image for Choose ROM output format:?

do i need to set any items in Configure configuration options?

any help is greatly appreciated.  i'm looking forward to giving the kids a whole new and much improved computing experience over their current win98 slow boat to nowhere experience.


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