Confusion for Hardy 8.04 Desktop CD

Philipp Schroeder philipp at
Sun Apr 27 23:46:09 BST 2008

Hi Alan,

alan c schrieb:
> I distribute, demonstrate, and install edubuntu (as a volunteer), (and 
> k/ubuntu also) CDs locally. I am currently very confused about the 
> 8.04 Edubuntu live CD.....
> see
> ========================
> Try Edubuntu before installing
> The Desktop CD allows you to try Edubuntu without changing your 
> computer at all and has an option to install it permanently later at 
> your convenience. Note that the Desktop CD is known as the "Live CD" 
> in releases before 7.04 and is only a workstation solution, it does 
> not contain Edubuntu's server components.
>     1. Get the Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop CD
>     2. Get the Ubuntu 8.04 educational add-on CD
> ========================
> Is the above information mistaken?
> When I follow the link at  item 1. above I am directed either to a 
> ubuntu only live cd or an add on cd which is appropriate for installation.
> Maybe the old style edubuntu live CD is no longer available (?) as a 
> 'try edubuntu before installing' possibiity, but the above extract 
> still asserts that it is. However there are confusing messages in the 
> content nearby, explaining the new and old approaches.
> My requirement is a CD which will run 8.04 as an edubuntu 
> (workstation) live CD.
> Can anyone clarify the situation please?

I just realised that the information you mention is indeed incorrect. I
will remove that misleading paragraph from the website. Sorry for the

I mistakenly thought it was possible to install the "Edubuntu Desktop"
meta package from the add-on cd __into the live session__ of a booted
Ubuntu desktop cd. That won't work, though, because the live session
needs the Ubuntu cd in the cd-rom drive.

Krsnendu Dasa's suggestion of making a bootable "live" usb memory stick
sounds worth trying.

Philipp webmaster



Philipp Schroeder
DIN15 / Information Architecture & Interaction Design, philipp at

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