Confusion for Hardy 8.04 Desktop CD

alan c aeclist at
Sun Apr 27 21:01:47 BST 2008

I distribute, demonstrate, and install edubuntu (as a volunteer), (and 
k/ubuntu also) CDs locally. I am currently very confused about the 
8.04 Edubuntu live CD.....

Try Edubuntu before installing

The Desktop CD allows you to try Edubuntu without changing your 
computer at all and has an option to install it permanently later at 
your convenience. Note that the Desktop CD is known as the "Live CD" 
in releases before 7.04 and is only a workstation solution, it does 
not contain Edubuntu's server components.

    1. Get the Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop CD
    2. Get the Ubuntu 8.04 educational add-on CD

Is the above information mistaken?

When I follow the link at  item 1. above I am directed either to a 
ubuntu only live cd or an add on cd which is appropriate for installation.

Maybe the old style edubuntu live CD is no longer available (?) as a 
'try edubuntu before installing' possibiity, but the above extract 
still asserts that it is. However there are confusing messages in the 
content nearby, explaining the new and old approaches.

My requirement is a CD which will run 8.04 as an edubuntu 
(workstation) live CD.
Can anyone clarify the situation please?

alan cocks
Kubuntu user#10391

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