Administering Terminal Server Without Monitor

francois francois.barillon at
Mon Apr 21 09:38:44 BST 2008

Le dimanche 20 avril 2008 à 14:31 -0700, operationsengineer1 at a
écrit :
> hi all, now that it looks like i'm close to getting the clients
> working in a solid manner, i'm wondering how to administer the
> terminal server without having a specific monitor for it.  can clients
> log in after turning the power on the terminal server and giving it
> time to start or does the terminal server have to have a username and
> password entered?  if so, can a client handle this?

The server has to run, but there is no need to open a user connection on

You can log on a thin client with any user who has "sudo" rights, (ie
who belongs to the "admin" group) and then perform administration task :

- monitor users,

- add printers...

you can even turn the server off by typing "sudo halt" in a terminal
(correct me if I'm wrong) or using "webmin".

You just need a monitor on the server if client booting goes wrong.


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