LTSP with 8.04 - Login Issues

Wagner Ferreira wagner.tec.inf at
Tue Apr 22 11:27:38 BST 2008

Hi all !!!
I installed a server using Edubuntu 7.10, and then upgraded that to 8.04, using the update-manager.  When I tried to use that as a LTSP server, the stations were not receiving no IP adresses.  So, I did restart the DHCP Server, and it worked fine.  Anyways, when we try to log in, using an station, appears the message: "This station is not authorized to connect to the server", or something like that.
I tried to update ssk keys and the ltsp-image (I don't remember the exact commands now), and now the station does not work !  It can't even load the X.  It appears some messages saying that this can't mount the system, and freezes at the debian BusyBox.
What should I do?
Cheers,Wagner FerreiraInformática & Networking(11)7642-7980(11)8524-8764wagner.tec.inf at
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