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Uwe Geercken uwe.geercken at
Mon Apr 14 09:22:09 BST 2008

I would recommend to anyone, who wants to learn a database, to start  
on the console. same as for learning html, jave, etc. you can always  
switch to a GUI at a later point of time in the process but at the  
start it is important to learn the bascis and not have a tool do the  

mysql is very good for that from my experience.



Quoting nigel barker <tech at>:

> David Van Assche wrote:
>> Part of the UK curriculum is about sensors which includes things like
>> picking up mics, etc... so that working on the the thin clients would
>> definitely be important if possible.
> Talking of the UK curriculum, how do you teach databases? I have been
> struggling with OOo bugs, such as broken form wizard, and now drop down
> lists. Overall the OOo Base experience is less than ideal, yet Kexi has
> just as many problems. What do you use?
> And to add to your suggestion, the Vernier web site has some linux
> downloads that are difficult to get working, and that don't support USB.
> It would be great if  a datalogging application for the science lab
> could be included. One of the few places we still have to use windows.
> cheers
> nigel
>> On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 9:40 PM, Gavin McCullagh <gmccullagh at
>> <mailto:gmccullagh at>> wrote:
>>     Hi,
>>     On Wed, 09 Apr 2008, dbclinton wrote:
>>     > This might not be exclusive to educational needs, but it can
>>     certainly
>>     > be useful in the classroom: is it possible to enable microphones
>>     on thin
>>     > clients (as I've reported before on this list, mics and the
>>     sound output
>>     > from some non-native Linux apps don't behave well - often
>>     playing on the
>>     > server's speakers)?
>>     To go a little further and get the value from the work, I'd say:
>>            SIP and Audio Recording (audacity) on thin clients.
>>     Gavin
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