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Sun Sep 23 21:42:57 BST 2007

Three machines freezes just after login or very soon
after that. There is some mouse activity. The three
use the same cpu and motherboard.
motherboard:AX63Pro R1.12 AOpen
cpu: Celeron 466
Ram memory : 256mb
sound card: es1371
Network Card: Realtek RTL 8139
Video card:RADEON 7000 Series (in one machine)

I'm not very clear about the hardware of the other
machines but all of them use Realtek RTL 8139.
amd 900, celeron 900, and amd 266.
The amds reported "there was an error starting the
GNOME setting Daemon..." and takes 3 minutes after
login to become workable.

It takes 21 seconds to process the command
Places->Home Folder.(It takes 1 second to do the same
same thing using dapper) The good news is that these
three machines do not crash or freeze to the extent I
have test them.

Tomorrow I'll continue testing, hear from you.

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