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Sun Sep 23 21:42:57 BST 2007

In the box that pops up, you want the "Mail Accounts" tab. If there is no =
mail account listed in the box for you to Edit, you'll need to Add one.
Assuming it's been added, you can select your account and click "Edit" on =
the right side.
You'll now be in the account editor, choose the "Receiving Email" heading. =
Here is where you can find the details for setting up communications with =
your email server, including the check box for remember password. There is =
no password entry location here, when your account is enabled and you =
click "Send/Receive" in the main Evolution window for the first time, it =
should ask you for it, or at least throw an error to help you find the =

Evolution is pretty similar to Outlook in look and feel.

There is lots of documentation and it can often take a while to work =
through things -- don't give up on Linux because of that.

>>> "Frank Fahey" <frfahey at> 09/28/07 8:47 am >>>=20
I wish to create a mail account in Evolution in Ubuntu.  The account I =
want to use is f.r.fahey at, but in creating the account, there =
was no entries to enter a password for the new POP email account.  I =
cannot find properties for the account in Evolution.  I have been a Window =
user for more then 20 years and would like to try Linux.  Not yet excited =
for finding the basic=20
information need to use a email client like Evolution.

Frank Fahey
314 Horseshoe Bend
Statham, GA 30666- 2556
678- 753- 0312
frfahey at

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