LDAP Server and Authentication & Samba Domain

Munro, LG, Mr <munrol@sun.ac.za> munrol at sun.ac.za
Thu Sep 27 07:43:19 BST 2007

Hi all,

Anything forthcoming in this matter is highly anticipated.  Edubuntu
really needs a manual for this with detailed instructions.  I have had a
look at several instructions and web sites, none of which are simple or
streamlined for the use with Edubuntu!!

The reason for this request is rather simple.  With Edubuntu you can run
one classroom off one server (3GB RAM) with say 30 clients, excellent,
no problem.  But once your requirements grow beyond that (say 120 or 350
PCs), Edubuntu without tweaking, is simply not nearly up to the task.  

Choices at this point seems to be that either you have to go with a
monster server with loads of RAM and expensive networking, and a 64bit
install which then opens a few other cans with creepy worms,
get LDAP going and run several small/normal cluster servers.  

The second option just seems like such a more logical progression for
the project, helping to keep those costs down on expensive hardware.

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