Keyboard mapping issue when running via X in Mac OS X

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Thu Sep 20 09:21:14 BST 2007

On Wed, 19 Sep 2007, David Trask wrote:

> Interesting issue and I'm not sure how to deal with it.  I have a lab of
> Macs running OS X (10.4) that I use an "x  -query" command from within Mac
> OS X to run Edubuntu on the Mac desktop as a session via X11.

> Here's the issue....when logging in...the keyboard maps fine, but once we
> are in Gnome...the keyboard is all frigged up.  Backspace types
> commas...."t" types "w" and so forth.  

What is the output of the locale command once in gnome (if you can figure
out how to set it)?

Using "X -query <servername>" should give you a gdm display manager.  Can
you choose language settings on it?


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