Firefox Granparadiso + Patch and tweak

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Wed Sep 19 06:12:30 BST 2007

Well I built the Granparadiso Firefox with the methods Gavin suggested tonight and I
also made the tweak to the patch to reduce the time to hold pixmaps in cache (I went
toward the extreme side and changed it to .2 seconds).   And it appears as though
firefox absolutely will not crash any more due to pixmaps.  However as Gavin noted speed
on ridiculous sites such as the one I posted go to ssssllllloooooowwww.  But who really
cares if a site that poorly designed loads slow, it is way better than a client freeze.
 Any other browsing seemed to perform perfectly with scrolling smooth and sites like
Google images still loading all thumbnails just fine and quick.  Now this is definitely
not as good as Opera which loads even the stupid sites quickly, but is way better in my
opinion.  I seem to be able to play flash and such just fine.  Now I am sure that using
this very pre-release of Firefox 3 will lead to other stability issues, but it does make
Firefox usage in the future look much more viable.  Thanks for you help on this Gavin.  

I am going to post the results of this back to the Firefox bug I filed and hint toward
getting it to work as nicely as Opera without pixmap cache (probably get flamed for it).
 But at least with some playing around with the cache time out this could possibly be
made very usable.

Jim Kronebusch
Cotter Tech Department

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