LDAP Server and Authentication & Samba Domain

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Thu Sep 27 14:09:48 BST 2007

> Come on technical gurus - make us a manual - PLEASE!!!  Better still, an
> LDAP installation script for 8.04 LTS would be most applicable.  ;-)

Well this isn't official documentation from Edubuntu, but it may help out.  Here is my
LDAP howto for Edubuntu http://www.1-cs.com/ubuntu_ldap_howto.txt (Be it known that I am
not a technical writer and any howto I come up with is most right from my notes, bear
with me :-)

Also David Trask and Matt Oquist have created the awesome SMB/LDAP installer which you
can find here http://majen.net/smbldap/

Their installer is awesome and will create an LDAP server automatically that can handle
Linux, Mac, and Windows clients.

I agree however, it would be great if this could be included in the distro along with an
easy way to authenticate to it.  If I remember right I did read that this is being
worked on and should surface somewhere in the next few releases.  Hopefully the stuff
above will get you by until then.


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