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Jim Kronebusch jim at
Mon Sep 17 18:02:29 BST 2007

On Mon, 17 Sep 2007 16:42:32 +0100, Gavin McCullagh wrote
> Hi,
> On Mon, 17 Sep 2007, Gavin McCullagh wrote:
> > I'm still building it, so I'm not sure if it'll work to be honest, but if
> > it does, I guess you should then be able to put your patch in
> > debian/patches/ and hopefully it will apply, at which point your package
> > will build the nice debian way.
> I've built it and it certainly seems to work.  That being said, it's an
> alpha release so it may not be too stable.  It might very well crash even
> more than firefox v2 does now.
> Your other options for browsers would include:
>  - Opera (as has been suggested), 
>  - Epiphany which is based on Gecko so possibly suffers from the same
>    issues(?), 
>  - Konqueror, which is probably worth a try 
>  - Kazehakase -- also based on Gecko
> Gavin

Opera and Konqueror are immediate fixes.  Any Gecko base browser seems to have the same
issues as Firefox.  I would ultimately like to find a solution/fix for firefox as that
is the default browser and is what users are most familiar with.  I also can't remove
firefox as it is needed as a dependency for other apps.  I can use custom menus but the
bottom line is I'd just like to fix Firefox and stay away from non-free apps such as
Opera.  I have had trouble with displaying certain webpages in Konquerer on my Kubuntu
machine that firefox has had no trouble with, so I assume a switch to Konqueror would
cause other problems.

If you want to give patching firefox a whirl with the method you describe the bug
concerning the pixmap problem is here and the .diff to patch the problem
is here  You can
monitor the difference by sudo apt-get install xrestop and monitoring memory usage by X
when loading graphic intense pages.  This link here will be
certain to spike memory usage by X and freeze your client.  After the patch you should
be able to hit the same page without problems.  To see what this should look like hit
the page in Opera and you'll see a minimal if any increase.  If at all possible report
back if this works.  Otherwise I'll try it later.

Still working on the printing problem :-(


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