Feisty: x_mode does it works?

Shawn Iverson shawn at nccsc.k12.in.us
Tue Sep 11 18:06:49 BST 2007

I had problems trying to get control over resolution short of having to
control every single PC by MAC address in lts.conf.  I am dealing with
120 PCs, so instead, I standardized on a 17" screen, and one of my
colleagues figured out that you could copy a screen %gconf.xml to
/etc/skel/.gconf/desktop/gnome/screen/default/0/%gconf.xml and change it
to keep clients from going to 1600x1200 or something else crazy when
users log in.  If I had a mix of 15 and 17" screens, I would probably
default to 800x600 and give students access to the gnome screen
resolution application to change it to their preferences.  Of course,
this will only work if a home folder doesn't yet exist for a user.
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Hi Philip,
  I ran into a similar problem, as in my school the computers are
practically all on widescreens, which are not detected correctly with
the auto X thin client setup. I too, tried to use the X_MODE variable in
lts.conf without too much luck. I asked on the #edubuntu channel and was
informed that these variables are not yet supported. There is a work
around though, the XF86CONFIG=/location/to/myownxorg.conf does work, and
allows you to set within it the specific details of each computer that
way. I have tried this only for [default] so I'm not sure if this will
work for each [mac:address:here] setup. 

Kind Regards,
David Van Assche

On 9/10/07, Philipp Hanselmann <philipp at schoolnet.na> wrote: 

	I our computer lab with refurbished thin clients we have
different sorts
	of CRT screen. Mostly they have sizes between 15 and 17''. 
	Now we have some 17'' screen which get auto detected with a
	of 1600x1200 during the thin client start.
	Like I know from previous ltsp versions, the resolution modes
can be
	defined in /opt/ltsp/i368/etc/lts.conf, like this: 
	I did this but without any success up to know. I checked the
	boots script /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/init.d/ltsp-client-setup witch
is doing
	the graphical setup, and found the following lines inside:
	X_MODE=$( echo "$X_MODE_0 $X_MODE_1 $X_MODE_2" | sed -r 's/ +/,
	if [ -n "$X_MODE" ]; then
	    preseed $xserver_package/config/display/modes "$X_MODE"
	So it looks like this is supported by Feisty!
	I also tried directly from the client (CRTL-ALT-F1) this
	echo 'set  xserver-xorg/config/display/modes 800x600' |
	debconf-communicate xserver-xorg
	With the hope that after a restart of X11 (CRTL-ALT-BACKSPACE),
	client will choose 800x600 as his resolution, but I only got
this error 
	debconf: DbDriver "config" could not write
	/var/cache/debconf/config.dat-new: Read-only filesystem
	Addistionaly I tried the same on the server:
	1.) chroot /opt/ltsp/i368
	2.) echo 'set  xserver-xorg/config/display/modes 800x600' |
	debconf-communicate xserver-xorg
	This time without an error message. I figured out that I get
applied in
	But still there is no effect on the client screen after a
	The only thing, what was helping is this manually way, which
must be
	done after reboot ;-(.
	1.) login  on the client as root (CTRL-ALT-F1) 
	2.) edit with vi /etc/X11/xorg.conf
	3.) delete all not needed modes
	4.) restart the X11 screen (CRTL-ALT-BACKSPACE)
	May somebody can  assist here?
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