prevent display of USB window in the clients

jbarry jbgonzaga at
Fri Sep 7 10:36:01 BST 2007

Hi Freitag,

I tried removing the check marks for System->Preferences->Removable
Drives and Media
Mount removable .....when hot plugged
Mount ..... when inserted
Browse .... when inserted.

but it had the reverse effect. when I insert media the clients still
have the browse window opened while the server had none.

What I want to happen is that the clients will not automount the
media, while the server will automount it.

If I change the same settings in the client I can get rid of the
browse windows popping up, but when I eject the media in the server
there is a msg in the clients saying unsafe removal of media (either
CD or flash drive).

So the problems are:
1. How to disable automount and autobrowse (in the clients) of media
inserted in the server.
2. How to get rid of the messsages (in the clients) about unsafe
removal of media when they are ejected or unmounted from the server.


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