Edubuntu server with one NIC

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Tue Sep 4 00:49:40 BST 2007

> I eventually figured out what I was doing wrong... I was trying to get both
> the thin clients and other computers (my laptop) to use de same settings for
> internet. When I changed the dhcp.conf so it would work for the computers
> that connected to the network, LTSP stopped working and viceversa. I still
> don't know if I can actually have both regular PCs and thin clients in the
> same network both using the same DHCP, well I stopped trying.
> Anyway, I now have a working internet connection. And since the rest of the
> computers are laptops, they can use another wireless network to get online.
> Maybe I'll get back to this problem once I get the rest tested.

That is very odd.  There should be no reason they couldn't both use the same settings.
Could you list exactly what is the difference between your regular PC internet settings
and your ltsp internet settings.  If you could post a copy of what your
/etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf looks like both ways I'm sure one of us could hand you back a
dhcpd.conf that would work for both.  If dhcp is the only thing holding you back this
should be very easy to fix.

If you wanted to quick post network setup as well that would be great.  Something as
simple as:

Internet connected to router, router connected to 24 port switch, all clients and server
plugged into switch.  Server handling dhcp, router internal address


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