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On 9/3/07, David Trask <dtrask at> wrote:
> "Javier Tibau" <jatb86 at> writes:
> >I bought a HP ML150 G3 to install Edubuntu on it. After reading a bit, I
> >decided on saving the $100 or so on the second Ethernet card. Now I'm
> >stuck with either LTSP or Internet on my server.
> A $100!  For a second NIC?  You can buy your own Intel Pro 10/100/1000
> gigabit adapter for $30 US on TigerDirect.

I forgot to mention, I live in Ecuador, South America... So no TigerDirect
for me :( and I think that's ($100) about what my provider offered me (not

But seriously though....a one
> NIC edubuntu server is a piece of cake.  The easiest way is to let the
> Edubuntu server be the DHCP server for your LAN.  All of my Edubuntu
> servers here at school are all single NIC machines.

I eventually figured out what I was doing wrong... I was trying to get both
the thin clients and other computers (my laptop) to use de same settings for
internet. When I changed the dhcp.conf so it would work for the computers
that connected to the network, LTSP stopped working and viceversa. I still
don't know if I can actually have both regular PCs and thin clients in the
same network both using the same DHCP, well I stopped trying.
Anyway, I now have a working internet connection. And since the rest of the
computers are laptops, they can use another wireless network to get online.
Maybe I'll get back to this problem once I get the rest tested.

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