Thin clients freeze hard when out of RAM

David Trask dtrask at
Sun Sep 2 05:36:22 BST 2007

"Jim Kronebusch" <jim at> writes:
>Then a user could just click ok and close the window or
>something instead of a hard reboot leaving stale user processes running
>on the server
>that hose them up if they try to re-login.

This is another issue we have to deal with.  I know we discussed it at UDS
Sevilla....Matt Oquist had proposed it.  K12LTSP has a "purge users"
script that basically kills off user processes on login to prevent just
what Jim is describing here.  This is much more common than many realize. 
I've had issues with this the past few days.  Too many lingering processes
are clogging up the server.

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