printing problems

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Mon Oct 29 17:56:36 GMT 2007

> Now when I try to print a test page from CUPS it says that it has
> completed the print job. But nothing has printed. The printer is
> plugged in and the ip address / mac addresses are right.
> Update: Now I am getting the same network host is busy message.
> Here is my lts.conf file.
> [default]
>     SOUND=True
>     LOCALDEV=True
>     NBD_SWAP=True
>     SYSLOG=server
> [00:50:8b:49:72:dc]
> #[ws043]
>   SOUND=True
>     LOCALDEV=True
>     NBD_SWAP=True
>     SYSLOG=server
> PRINTER_0_TYPE=/dev/usblp0

I guess I don't understand why you have had to assign this in lts.conf.  Doesn't your
lts.conf setup indicate that the printer is connected to terminal ws043 via a local usb
port?  From the description of your printer you are trying to print over the network via
IP address.  I would think this would mean that as long as your server has the networked
printer installed and set as default, you would not need any configuration in lts.conf
for the printer. 

All our printers here are setup to print via IP address.  I simply open
System->Administration->Printing->New Printer->Check local or Detected Printer->Then
under the radio button for "Use a detected Printer" all of my IP based printers just
show up and I select them for the list.  As long as the new printer is set for default,
then it will automatically be the default for all my clients.  I have however assigned
permanent IP's to all my clients, and then set up scripts to set default printers on
login.  So all machines in certain labs automatically default to the printer located in
that lab.

Can you print to the printer from the server?  I would troubleshoot there, once that
works then move to a client.


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