Some Advice needed on cloning a Server

jbarry jbgonzaga at
Wed Oct 3 23:31:09 BST 2007

> So, was that better than usual or do you think it made no difference?  I'm
> just trying to get my head around what is causing the problem.

Over all its just the same, as before.
> Did you turn the sound off in gcompris, or in the thin client settings in
> lts.conf?  Either might have an effect.
Only in gcompris, since I needed sound on other programs.

> > Thou my result are a little optimistic since no one is using the
> > clients they are just sitting there running gcompris and waiting for
> > input, I see tomorrow when I'll let the students use them and I'll
> > report back here.
> That would be good know.
When in the live environment, there was not much of an improvement,
still only about 15 where able to run it, and the client hangup (not
really hangup just slow down the client considerably for about 2 mins.
but for the user it is a hang and would click around randomly
worsening the situation.) would jump from one client to the next.

> If you have two dual core cpus, that's four cores which would allow up to
> about 13 clients to go at 30%, in principal at least.  I wouldn't
> necessarily expect to add them all up to exactly 100%, even with 1 core --
> though they shouldn't be a long way off.
i am running on a dual core system, watching htop I would instantly
know that someone launched gcompris since one cpu would stay on 100%.

> That does seem undesirable alright :-)
yeah very undesirable, and I hope we'll find a cure.

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