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Mon Nov 26 17:34:26 GMT 2007

On Mon, 26 Nov 2007 08:42:00 -0500, Randall Swift wrote
> "R. Scott Belford" <scott at> writes:
> >Randall Swift wrote:
> >> How can I get into the system to check these settings? The server hangs
> >> during boot at "loading kernel log daemon" and will not go any further.
> >> Help. Thanks
> >
> >Press esc at Grub and choose rescue mode.  Make the changes, then type 
> >init 5.
> >
> >--scott
> I have checked everything and still no luck. It still hangs at "starting
> kernel log daemon". I am starting to loose my hair. I was under the
> impression that edubuntu 7.10 was suppose to come all ready to setup users
> to authenticate to a seperate samba/ldap server. What happened? Is the
> smbldap-insttaller not able to work with 7.10? I also tried Jim's How to.
> I need to get this working ASAP or I am switching back to fedora. Sorry, I
> needed to vent. Thanks for the help so far.

I have updated the howtos.  There is
and  The Gutsy version has a couple
small changes in steps 8 and 10.  

To fix your setup boot into recovery mode.  Run ldap-auth-config and answer the
questions as in step 8 of the Ubuntu Gutsy howto.  The last question will be for
encryption, choose md5.  Then verify /etc/nsswitch.conf settings as in step 9 (be
certain files is before ldap), /etc/ldap.conf as in step 10, and /etc/ldap/ldap.conf as
in step 11.  Then double check all 4 /etc/pam.d files as in step 12. 

When you are certain everything is a match run "id username" at the command line where
username is a valid user from your ldap server, and do the same with "getent passwd
username".  The id command should spit out that username and all the groups they are
part of.  And getent passwd should spit out the uid/gid and home directory locations. 
Also you can run "getent group groupname" where groupname is a valid group on your ldap
server.  If those work you should be able to login.  If not, something might be broken
on your ldap server.

Hope that helps,

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