Bloomington North's Linux Initiative in the News

Simon Ruiz sruiz at
Mon Mar 5 16:40:52 GMT 2007

That's likely true, but it is also likely version 0.9.6 (i don't run Feisty, but that's the version that's in Edgy) which is the old version and no longer supported, I'm using version which I need to compile myself, and Toby is about to bring out a stable version here pretty soon.
It's my understanding that Feisty's already hit feature freeze, so even if some generous soul packages the stable version, it won't be included in the repositories. (Though it would still be much simpler to install than compiling from source!)
If I'm wrong, great! Smack me upside the head and let me know.
Hope this finds you doing well!


From: William Kinghorn [mailto:williamk at]
Sent: Mon 3/5/2007 11:32 AM
To: Simon Ruiz
Subject: RE: Bloomington North's Linux Initiative in the News

Hi Simon,

it looks like iTALC client and server is included in 7.04


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