EdubuntuFAQ (was Re: Edubuntu 7.04 new install)

Will van der Leij will at
Mon Jun 4 20:02:27 BST 2007

> That's fine.  Would you like to pick a location on that wiki and let us
> know on-list where it is.  If you want to copy it over that's great, if not
> I can do it but I'll leave the linking to you.  We can all then start
> adding bits to it as things come up.
Done. the original page you made has a link to it. I haven't set up a
forwarded on the wiki.
I did change the formatting a bit to use headings. that way it can be
linked from a TOC and keeps a bit of the style.

> To promote it a little, could we add a link to it on the bottom of the
> mailman signature.  I think ogra is the list admin?
Nice idea...


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