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Karl Goetz kamping_kaiser at
Tue Jan 23 08:57:44 GMT 2007

Simon Fishley wrote:
> Greetings All
> I am in the process of testing my first Edubuntu server with
> installation probably happening next month.  Hardware wise everything
> is fantastic.  I am looking for input from the community on user
> names.  My environment is going to be 20 thin clients at an
> underprivileged school in a rural area. The lab is going to service
> upwards of 300 children, many of whom will have the same or very
> similar names so I can't just use initial and surname.  I would like
> to have some way of allowing the children to keep the same username
> throughout their time at the school and would be interested to hear of
> other peoples naming conventions. It obviously needs to be something
> simple that the children can remember.
I think there's probably as many ways to name users as there are servers 
available ;)

the first thing that came to mind as a suggestion for you was to try a 
system like these:

* First half of first name, second half of second name (or variations on 
things like that)
    eg,Kaetz (in my case, less then pretty).

* First x numbers of first name, first x numbers of second name (or 
    eg, using 4 letters karlgoet

food for thought.

> Any comments or resource links will be greatly appreciated.
> Kind regards
> Simon.
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