some thin client problems moving from dapper to edgy

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Wed Feb 14 11:08:08 GMT 2007


I thought I'd list some issues we have had since upgrading to edgy in the
past few weeks.  These clients all worked on dapper and now have been
broken in edgy.  This is fresh install of edgy (to a second server, using
nfs/nis and next-server dhcp directive), not an upgrade.

* X fails on a matrox card with gateway monitor.
  As the thin client boots, we get a blank screen where the login screen
  should appear and eventually the monitor goes into powersave mode.  This
  appears to be because edgy's xorg is trying to load DRI.  I have reported
  a bug here:
  and worked around the problem by adding XSERVER=vesa for this particular
  client.  Does anyone know if there is an lts.conf directive to disable
  DRI -- the matrox driver is much faster than the vesa one?

* Two Dell Optiplex machines get screwed up X.
  The screens on two different optiplexs boot up into a very strange
  resolution such that a yellow screen displays (the colour of the ldm
  standard background).  Fiddling with the mouse sometimes brings its
  cursor onto the screen looking very large and distorted.
  We hit <ctrl><alt><F1> to get a text terminal -- this was entirely
  unreadable, violently flickering vertically.  Then when we hit
  <ctrl><alt><F7> to return to X, the resolution problem was resolved 
  although the text terminal never resolves.
  I will try to get detailed chipsets info later.

* Some PXE clients do not respect the next-server dhcp directive.
  This is not a bug in edubuntu, but it is useful to know about.  You may
  find that some PXE clients (a 3Com 3c905c in this case) ignore the
  next-server directive and go to the dhcp server for their tftp images.
  A colleague who manages a PXE network confirmed that in his experience
  the next-server directive is not reliable.

If anyone has any ideas on this stuff I'd be interested to hear them.  It's
clearly important to test all of your thin clients when you upgrade to


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