Edubuntu LTSP Netboot Client Setup

Timothy Boyden tboyden at
Mon Dec 10 17:53:39 GMT 2007

I'm trying out Edubuntu 7.10 server with some netboot clients and have
run into a snag. The netboot client (Thinkpad T22 with PXE) is able to
connect to the server, gets an IP address, loads vmlinuz and loads
initrd.img, I get a "Ready." message and then just a blinking cursor and
get no further. I've left it running for over an hour so I don't think
it is just being slow. It's connected to a gigabit network and the
server is a dual processor 3 Ghz Intel with 4 GB of RAM.
Not sure what to troubleshoot for a solution. Can anyone help me out
with a clue?
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