LTSP chroot updates

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Mon Dec 10 16:00:44 GMT 2007


2007/12/10, Bob Wooden <bobwdn at>:
> With the number of general updates (Firefox, CUPS, etc.) that are being
> issued for Ubuntu, comes this question. How often should an
> administrator update LTSP chroot? Or is this no longer an issue with
> LTSP5?
> (F.Y.I. I am running Ubuntu 7.10 and LTSP5 in my current environment.)

we have a spec [1] since gutsy to integrate the ltsp chroot with the
update-manager so it would actually notify you about upgrades available for
the client chroot, sadly the spec has no high priority and my time to work
on such stuff is very limited .... so fo the time being the answer is: every
timre your desktop notifies you you should update if you really think you
need to  ... the thing with ltsp is that its rather a closed environment (no
accounts on the client at all, root locked and its actually a readonly
filesystem) so it isnt as vulnerable  as a normal system.


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