pulseaudio: volume control ?

Philipp Hanselmann philipp at schoolnet.na
Fri Aug 31 09:37:10 BST 2007

Gavin McCullagh schrieb:
> Hi,
> On Tue, 28 Aug 2007, David Trask wrote:
>> yeah, but it still ain't loud enough.....somehow I need to get the "base"
>> volume up higher.  With LTSP 4 I was able to boost the volume in lts.conf
>> by cranking the value up near 100 or more.
> A very wild guess, not tested on a thin client, but it's happened me on a
> desktop.
>  - if you double click on the sound icon in the tray, the volume control
>    center should pop up.
>  - try raising each of the tracks which are visible (Master, PCM seem the
>    most likely)
>  - if you don't get any joy then click edit->preferences you may see a
>    bunch of tracks which are not visible and which you can check to turn
>    on.
>  - if the above doesn't help, login to the thin client text console and run
>    alsamixer.
> These aren't solutions, but if you can get to the point of knowing why the
> volume is low, then perhaps we can work on a more automatic way to fix it.
> Gavin
Ok I managed to use the volume slider on the gnome desktop (applet 

1.) Login on the thin client.
2.) Right click on the volume icon.
3.) Choose /Open Volume Control/
4.) Select the Line: /Playback ...[PulseAudio Mixer]/

After that I can adjust the MASTER volume.
I was trying to find a automatic way to set this mixer at user login, 
but up to know no success on that.

I also noticed that this settings get lost, if the user logs in on the 
server and on the client again.

I also tested the same on a fresh installed Feisty and noticed the same 


NOTE: Still this doesn't solve the issue that I can adjust directly the 
sound hardware volume. For that you have to do shell login (CTRL-ALT-F1) 
as root and start alsamixer from there. This must be done after every 
client reboot (:-(.)

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