Installation not working right, I think

Selso DaSilva selsok at
Wed Apr 25 12:47:47 BST 2007

On 4/25/07, Will van der Leij <will at> wrote:
>  I was wondering if anyone can duplicate this error (annoyance).
> I downloaded and installed edubuntu 7.04 Desktop CD and the
> Classroom Server CD ( as a single workstation). For both CD's
> the educational software does not install automatically. I could
> view and use the educational software on the live cd, but after
> the install, it is not there and I have to install the educational
> software by hand.
>  Hi Selso,
>  This is from the release announcement and the download instructions that
> accompany 7.04:
>  "Owing to the amount of great software included in Edubuntu, the
> distribution doesn't all fit on one CD. We've therefore created a separate
> Add-on CD, which makes the best out of your Edubuntu by offering additional
> educational software and further installable languages. It is easy to
> install the software from there once either a server or workstation has been
> installed."
>  So you would need the server add-on CD for the educational apps that used
> to all come on one disc.
>  Hope this helps,
>  Will van der Leij

Thanks Will,
this solves the mystery for the server CD, but what about the Desktop CD.
Can the Add-on CD work for this also.

Selso K. DaSilva
Community Free Software Group

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