Classroom server add-on CD [Re: Installation not working right, I think]

Philipp Schröder philipp at
Wed Apr 25 14:15:46 BST 2007

Hi Selso,

Selso DaSilva schrieb:
> Thanks Will,
> this solves the mystery for the server CD, but what about the Desktop CD.
> Can the Add-on CD work for this also.


The "Server Add-on CD" should rather be called "Edubuntu add-on CD",
perhaps. You can easily "install the software from there once either a
server or workstation has been installed."

I agree it is rather confusing that the educational applications are
available in the live session of the Desktop CD, but must be installed
separately from the (Classroom Server) add-on CD.




Philipp Schroeder
DIN15 / Information Architecture & Interaction Design, philipp at

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