public folder file permissions

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Fri Apr 20 23:05:44 BST 2007


On Fri, 20 Apr 2007, Ian Moore wrote:

> Checking it by creating an odt file via open office proved it was working
> as you suggested.

Grand.  It's also nice to know it's fixed.

> It has taken quite a long time for us to get our system up to level where
> relatively inexperienced users can manage on their own.  This is maybe
> partly due to the fact that we did a slow migration from our old
> conventional Linux server/individual workstations  to the new Edubuntu
> system.
> So a bit of documentation, user training and a break is required before
> any upgrade to 7.0 !!

Fair enough.  Actually, this is something we (the users of edubuntu) should
probably try and contribute.  I think it would be great to have two things:

1. A strong administrators manual (particularly with a good lot of detail
   on how thin clients work).
2. A short, maybe 3-page document called "Introduction to edubuntu" with
   nice pictures etc.  This would be something you could print out and give
   to users.  Possibly with a few points at which one would customise it
   for one's own network.  Something you could give a teacher who has
   limited knowledge of windows to allay their fears.


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