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Fri Apr 20 17:26:08 BST 2007


  Sorry I wasn't clear on my last post. Indeed it was the umask ignore bug in gnome which was preventing me seeing the effect of the changes I made on the /etc/profile files where I added the 'umask 002' line.

 Checking it by creating an odt file via open office proved it was working as you suggested.

 It has taken quite a long time for us to get our system up to level where relatively inexperienced users can manage on their own.
 This is maybe partly due to the fact that we did a slow migration from our old conventional Linux server/individual workstations  to the new Edubuntu system.

 So a bit of documentation, user training and a break is required before any upgrade to 7.0 !!

  Thanks again

  Ian Moore
  Friends of the Earth Birmingham (UK)

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 On Thu, 19 Apr 2007, Ian Moore wrote:
 > Great it works now.
 > Clocking off for the weekend so will have some thorough testing of the
 > system done next week.
 Did you upgrade to feisty to fix it?
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