Clay Berlo clay.berlo at dsbn.edu.on.ca
Fri Apr 20 14:15:15 BST 2007

Just to make sure every known Linux user in the world is aware of this
(or at least the Edubuntu users!), I thought it would be a good idea to
make mention here of the Tux500 effort.

In a nutshell:  some enterprising Linux advocates have gotten together
and put up tux500.com, a site to raise funds to sponsor a car in the
Indianapolis 500.  The minimum goal is around the $25K mark, but that
basically would just get a little logo on the car.  The real goal:
sponsor the WHOLE car for the race.  Price tag:  $350,000.00 or more!

So, if everyone who uses Linux donates about $1, they'd hit their mark
pretty handily, I'd say!  I'm doing a collection around work here (in
spite of me being almost alone in the Linux camp) and I'd like to
encourage everyone on this list to do the same.  We all use it, we all
love it.  Now it's time to help MARKET it!

Right now, Ubuntu is in the "lead" for number of donations.  Kubuntu is
in second.  With enough support, maybe we can get Edubuntu to have a
good showing, as well?  The publicity for this alone will be incredible!
The race is May 27, 2007, and donations are being cut off May 21 -- so
let's get rolling!

Thanks for listening,

Clay Berlo <clay.berlo at dsbn.edu.on.ca>
DSBN Technical Services
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