problem installing edubuntu

Robert Alcock ralcock at
Wed Apr 4 17:59:23 BST 2007


I'm trying to install Edubuntu on an Acer TravelMate 200 lapto.
When I boot from the CD i get the following message:

[17179578.240000] irq: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)
[17179578.240000] handlers:
[17179578.240000] [<c0236d40>] (ide_intr+0x0/0x1c0)
[17179578.240000] Disabling IRQ <hash>15

The message repeats, several times, then the system crashes.
This happens with both versions 6.10 and 6.06 (downloaded from different 
Can anyone help?


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