sound on edubuntu 7.04-beta

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Wed Apr 4 11:45:17 BST 2007

Hi Kai,

On Wed, 04 Apr 2007, Kai Wüstermann wrote:

> After running in so much problems with edubuntu, I installed xbuntu with
> a ltsp-stand-alone-server. This worked out of the box. There were no
> sound problems. Ok, I didn't try to set up the local devices.

Local devices worked for me.  Indeed, I plugged a USB key into my
PXE-booted laptop, double clicked on the 1GB MP4 video on the key and it
played (with only slight frame jitter initially) direct off the key (even
though the usb controller was usb1).

> For primary school it's enough, the pupils don't need evolution and all
> the other things to manage their lessons;-) 30 MB per user is a strong
> argument.

Fair enough.  It won't have installed any of the educational packages
though, so you might want to install those yourself.  I'm particularly
thinking of the KDE educational stuff, plus the "childsplay" packages which
are really quite good for younger kids (my niece loves them).  There might
also be something to be said for the edubuntu artwork, if it can be used
easily in XFCE.

It does seem odd that the edubuntu cd installer gave problems but
installing ltsp-stand-alone-server onto (x)ubuntu worked fine for both of


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