sound on edubuntu 7.04-beta

Kai Wüstermann k.wuestermann at
Mon Apr 2 16:30:43 BST 2007


I did more experiments on edubuntu7.04-beta with another client, where I
am sure, that the sound module works in the right way.

I found out:

1) If user1 locked on the server once before, he doesn't get sound on
the client any more.

2) user2 can lock on the client and gets sound, if he wasn't locked on
the server or a client with sound problems before.

3) user1 can lock on the client with sound, if you deleted the
directories witch are used by gnome, gconf and the files for sound

4) If any user locked on a client with sound problems, the client
without problems works right until you restart it. Then it runs into
trouble. You have to restart the _server_ and the client to get back the
sound on the "good" client.

5) Since I deleted /root/gconf I don't get any sound.

I think...

... a program crashes on the server, trying to use sound on a client,
which have no sound.

... gconfd does the troubles and have a bug but I'm really not sure.

Is this a bug?

Kai Wüstermann

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