Leftover processes after users log out

Eduwijs beheer (Michiel) michiel at eduwijs.nl
Tue Apr 3 10:02:14 BST 2007


I have the same "problems" as the user on which I reply. Why does this 
happen? I don't use ltsp, but I use Nomachine NX. The processes that 
will stay running are gnome-panel and bonobo-activation-server. And 
gnome-panel is using then a lot of CPU. What could be the cause of this? 
They aren't zombies. I'm also running Ubuntu 6.10.

The session is started with the command: "dbus-launch 
--exit-with-session gnome-session". But when this closes, it won't kill 
the other programs which are running with the session itself.

edubuntu-users-request at lists.ubuntu.com wrote:

> I'm running Ubuntu 6.10 with the ltsp packages and have 2 quick
> questions:
> 1. I'm having problems with users logging out, but leaving processes
> behind. (These aren't zombie processes, they're listed as sleeping.)
> Does anyone have a script that will kill processes owned by users who
> aren't currently logged in than I can run as a cron job?
> 2. I noticed that ps -ef sometimes lists users by login name and
> sometimes by uid and there doesn't seem to be a reason for it. Anyone
> have any insight as to why? (P.S. I had some trouble creating users; one
> person in particular seemed to exist in some in-between state such that
> userdel said he didn't exist, but useradd said he did, so I don't know
> if that could be the problem.)
> Thanks,
> Todd


Michiel Eghuizen
Eduwijs B.V.

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