Problem with X server in 6.06 LTS

Anton Shaleyev interlinguamaster at
Thu Oct 5 10:53:27 BST 2006


I cannot run Edubuntu (Version 6.06 LTS) on my new computer.
When I start the system, I see the error message (something like: X Server
cannot run and will be disabled), after this message system loads in
non-graphical terminal mode.
May be it was happened because CPU on my computer sets on AM2 Socket.
How can I correct this mistake?

I have next configuration:

  < CPU >
    Model:                        AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+
    Speed:                          2.01GHz
    Number:                         3200 
    Output rate:                    PR3015 
    Type:                           Стандартный
    L2:                          512kB ECC Синхронный, Обратная запись, 16-
                                   магистральный набор, длина строки 64 байт

  < Motherboard >
    BUS:                          ISA PCI PCIe USB i2c/SMBus
    Поддержка MP:                  1 процессор(ов)
    MP APIC:                       Нет
    System BIOS:                Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG
    Mother board:             NFORCE4M-A
    Total memory:                  1023MB DDR-SDRAM Registered

  < Chipset 1 >
    Модель:                        Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Athlon 64 / 
                                   Opteron HyperTransport Technology 
    System bus speed:               2x 1005MHz (2010MHz скорость передачи
    Total memory:                  256MB DDR-SDRAM Registered

  < Video >
    Monitor:                       SyncMaster 753DF(T)/ 783DF(T), 
                                   MagicSyncMaster AQ17DF
    Adapter:                       ATI RADEON RX800
    Adapter:                       ATI RADEON RX800 Secondary

  < Drives >
    Съемный диск:                  Дисковод гибких дисков
    Жесткий диск:                  SAMSUNG SP0802N (75GB)
    CD-ROM/DVD:                    _NEC DVD_RW ND-4550A (CD 40X Rd, 10X Wr) 

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