timetable software

Raffaella Traniello raffaella.traniello at livecom.it
Mon Oct 2 13:46:43 BST 2006

Thanks Jeff. 
> By "timetable" do you mean schedule of classes? 
I mean a table for each class (=group of children) that show the
subjects and the relative teachers. 
Classes never (nearly) change classroom.

>  SchoolTool (http://schooltool.org) has excellent calendaring for
> resource management (assigning rooms, overhead projectors, etc) and
> will evenually support course scheduling.
I'll try it.
Did you try it personally?

Raffaella Traniello

> jeff elkner
> On Sun, 01 Oct 2006 09:12:48 +0200, Raffaella Traniello
> <raffaella.traniello at livecom.it> wrote:
> >Hi all!
> >
> >I'm wandering if a software could help me planning a timetable for my
> >school. It's a very complex and time consuming task (and then
> everyone
> >is angry with you).
> >Has anyone of you ever used a software for that?
> >Do they work?
> >
> >Many thanks
> >
> >Raffaella Traniello - Italy

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