talk on using edubuntu

Jonathan jonsbh at
Wed Nov 29 19:36:51 GMT 2006

I have to present edubuntu to a few teachers of a school of young child.

So i also have to do a small document on paper that teacher can "study" 
at home

If you want create one, we should try doing this together.

I was thinking about a presentation with lot of picture and not so much 

No technical aspect of edubuntu.

I'm French (sorry for my poor English) but i read English (write is hard 
for me as you can see...)

If you're interested tell me. Maybe edubuntu community would like an 
explanation document for teacher.

maning sambale wrote:
> Hi edubuntu users,
> I will be providing a 1-day workshop/demonstration on using edubuntu
> to community day care teachers. Two edubuntu PCs will be used to
> around 8 teachers.   I am assuming the teachers have very minimal
> knowledge in using computers (not even windows).  The approach would
> be participatory & collaborative. I would like to ask this list on any
> suggestions on how to go about the discussions.
> I am estimating the workshop will go for about 5 hours (including
> hands-on demonstration).
> The focus will be on using the GUI (no CLI as much as possible)
> A list of topics I would like to cover:
> History-Philosophy (FSF, GNU, Linux, Ubuntu)
> Using Edubuntu
> * Ubuntu desktop interface (windows, workspaces, logging in and out)
> * Creating users & groups
> * File Management (navigation, copy, edit)
> * OOo (writer, calc, impress)
> * Web surfing (Firefox)
> * educational games (gcompris, kde educational suite, tuxpaint)
> Basic computer hardaware maintenance
> Lesson planning workshop (to integrate edubuntu in the curriculum)
> If you have any suggestions please give some feedback.  Finally, if
> anybody have some standard impress presentations on any of the topics
> we can use, please share.
> Cheers,
> Maning

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