Getting Netscape and Java Runtime to work o Ubuntu PowerPc version.

Daniel Kahn Gillmor at
Mon Jun 12 18:02:49 BST 2006

On June 12, zebsmith at said:

 > I there is an extension for Mozilla Firefox called user agent
 > switcher available At
 > It will spoof the
 > user agent To look like IE, Netscape or just about anything else
 > you want it to fairly easily.  I use it regularly on my linux boxes
 > to get around the browser requirements.

i believe the original poster was being stymied by a Java Applet on a
powerpc platform, which usually means that switching user agents won't
do the trick.

Unfortunately, the most widely-used Java Virtual Machine (the JVM is
the piece of software that runs Java applets) is not free software,
and has not been released on the powerpc platform.

However, there are other PPC-based JVMs available.  The ubuntu wiki
has some suggestions for PPC java:



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