Getting Netscape and Java Runtime to work o Ubuntu PowerPc version.

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Mon Jun 12 17:59:08 BST 2006

I  there is an extension for Mozilla Firefox called user agent switcher
At It will spoof the user
To look like IE, Netscape or just about anything else you want it to fairly
I use it regularly on my linux boxes to get around the browser requirements.

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Hi list!

This is my first post.

I have Ubuntu 5.1 running on a partition on my Titanium G4 Laptop.

The system is great! Congratulations to you guys who developed the system.


I have to use Ubuntu to connect to the brazilian bank: "Banco do Brasil". 

Banco do Brasil's programmers developed routines that require me to use
either Internet Explorer or Netscape browser to run their Java Applet.

I see at Sun's Java dowload web site that there is no ppc version for Java
Runtime Plugin, also Netscape's ppc version seems not to be available.

Can you guys help me?

Thank you for any help.

Bernardo Höhl
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

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