No joy installing 6.06 on Compaq EN series Deskpro

Mika Tapojärvi mika.tapojarvi at
Mon Jun 12 06:57:34 BST 2006

Hi Keith

Quoting Keith & Marge <kbenoit at>:

> I have not had any luck installing 6.06 on the Compaq. I have two ISO 
> images on two cd-rw's from two sources. Neither cd loads on the 
> Compaq. However, On a newer machine (pIII) the edubuntu menu screen 
> does appear.

My guess is that your CD drive cannot handle the CD-RW disks or the disk
may be too large. I've ran across this problem a few times myself.
Try CD-R.

Sometimes the older machines cannot boot the CD and then it's time
for the good old floppy and Smart Boot Manager from

Good luck,
Mika Tapojärvi - SSE Oy     mobile: +358 40 555 3261
web:  mailto:mika.tapojarvi at
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