Spanish and more lab clone problems

Joe Rowe jrowe at
Mon Jul 31 08:27:59 BST 2006


Kverbos for Spanish verbs is useless.   If anyone out there cares 
please reply and let me know how to load the standard verb file. 
I'm a bit shocked that Edbuntu has software in the menu that is 

I'm unable to add other dictionaries to open office.  This is more of 
a bug with open office.   But I'm shocked at how few websites have 
step by step documentation.   If I have an English Edbuntu machine 
how can I add the Spanish dictionaries?  Step by step help is much 
better than telling me to go to some website and RTM, as there is no 
clear documentation for dictionaries that I can find.

Is there linux clone software that does not add any software to the 
client?    If I were to install xubuntu on one 300mhz P2 lab computer 
I would like to copy that hard drive to 29 identical hardware 
computers.   On both Mac and Windows there is software at a 
reasonable price or free that will let me boot from a CD or Floppy 
and then clone the GMC to an image on a network.     I can then go to 
another PC, boot from CD or floppy and restore that same image. 
Using DOS boot floppies and powerquest drive image  I can clone my 
xubuntu lab.   I would prefer to clone my xubuntu lab without another 

        It looks like needs to have software on the 
client, and that means a slower client.   It also means that on the 
target machine I must have a bootable hard drive with installed.     I've read the documentation and here 
is what I understand.

so the steps are this:
- find your GMC computer and get it to the state you prefer
- install systemimager via apt-get install
- create the GMC image on a server
- take a 2nd computer and erase windows, install linux, install systemimager
- copy the GMC image to this 2nd computer
- reboot computer
- computer is now an image of the GMC

I guess my other question is this: Has anyone out there on this list 
actually used to clone a lab of 30 computers that 
don't have a working HD but where the HD is not bootable yet.    I 
don't want advice from people who say it "works in theory".

It would be nice if the next version of Ubuntu and Edbuntu were self 
replicating.  My idea: Simply use Ubuntu on your GMC computer and get 
it the way you like it.   THen boot from the Ubuntu CD on another 
machine on the same lan and press copy.  Bingo!  Now you have 2 
identical machines.

Thanks,  Joe

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