First Snag- Re: Newbie- Installing a Edubuntu lab :)

Vernon Graner vern at
Mon Jul 31 05:37:57 BST 2006

Vernon Graner said:
> Hi!
> My wife recently took employment with a small private school in Austin,
> Texas as the technology teacher.

Ok, so I installed the Dapper Drake Edubuntu on the first row of machines
here... Took quite a while to complete (around 2 hours each machine!) and
now, upon playing with these puppies, it appears these workstations may
not have enough horsepower to run a native install. Though these machines
ran fine (well, as fine as can be expected) under windows 98 (i.e. menus
and program launches were snappy), they are really dog-slow under
Edubuntu. :(

To make matters worse, the default install doesn't appear to recognize
the ethernet board (davicom 9102a) so I'm not able to get out and surf
around from these machines. Just launching firefox takes about 1.5

Im thinking maybe 128m RAM isn't enough? (my first test was on a 500mhz
laptop with 256m RAM and Edubuntu was quite responsive) Is there anything
I can do to make these guys respond better? If not, I may have to drop
back and punt and put Win98 back on... At least until I get a LTS -
capable machine. That would suk. :(

It's 11:30pm, I've been at this since 6:45am and I'm definetly not
feeling "Dapper" right now... :(


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