First Snag- Re: Newbie- Installing a Edubuntu lab :)

Corey Burger corey.burger at
Mon Jul 31 06:09:30 BST 2006

On 7/30/06, Vernon Graner <vern at> wrote:
> Vernon Graner said:
> > Hi!
> >
> > My wife recently took employment with a small private school in Austin,
> > Texas as the technology teacher.
> Ok, so I installed the Dapper Drake Edubuntu on the first row of machines
> here... Took quite a while to complete (around 2 hours each machine!) and
> now, upon playing with these puppies, it appears these workstations may
> not have enough horsepower to run a native install. Though these machines
> ran fine (well, as fine as can be expected) under windows 98 (i.e. menus
> and program launches were snappy), they are really dog-slow under
> Edubuntu. :(
> To make matters worse, the default install doesn't appear to recognize
> the ethernet board (davicom 9102a) so I'm not able to get out and surf
> around from these machines. Just launching firefox takes about 1.5
> minutes.
> Im thinking maybe 128m RAM isn't enough? (my first test was on a 500mhz
> laptop with 256m RAM and Edubuntu was quite responsive) Is there anything
> I can do to make these guys respond better? If not, I may have to drop
> back and punt and put Win98 back on... At least until I get a LTS -
> capable machine. That would suk. :(
> It's 11:30pm, I've been at this since 6:45am and I'm definetly not
> feeling "Dapper" right now... :(
> Vern

For those older machines, I would install Xubuntu on them, or turn
then into thin clients. Thin clients would be able to the full version
of Edubuntu. As a good ballpark, anything below 500mhz is not going to
run Edubuntu very well.


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