Bug report: bad disk but self-test succeeds

Gregory Marton gremio at acm.org
Thu Dec 14 20:50:21 GMT 2006

I'm deeply disappointed. I ordered an Edubuntu disk from on-disk as a gift 
for a non-savvy young girl, because it's supposed to be the extra 
friendliest distro on Earth, and somehow it came to me with a big fat 
discouragement during install:

"The CD-ROM does not seem to contain a valid 'Release' file, or that file 
could not be read correctly. You may try to repeat CD-ROM detection, but 
even if it does succeed the second time, you may experience problems later 
in the installation."

This is not exactly evangelism!

The CD's self-test passes, hence the report as a bug.  How should on-disk 
know that the cd won't work if 'Check the CD-ROM(s) integrity' claims that 
the disk is good?  (As an aside, the possessive is missing; I'd reword that 
as 'Check the integrity of the CD-ROM(s)")

I'm glad I insisted on opening the package and testing it before sending it 
on to the young girl in question.  Installation is a very hard problem, and 
this leaves me unimpressed.

Off to try again with a disk I burn after download.


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