Success!! And a SAMBA/winbind question...

Pete Savage debug at
Thu Dec 7 16:58:13 GMT 2006

Hi guys,

I had it almost working with the users actual home dirs being their
windows home dirs, but there was a problem with file locking that
prevented the user from logging in in gnome, text based was fine. I know
there is some easy integration working going on, lets hope it get's even
easier for Feisty


Kory Mohr wrote:
> Howdy, Clay! Thx much for your message. I did a bit of research, based
> on your message, about keeping SSH authentication. It seems that
> libpam-mount 0.15 might be okay with SSH. I had read that anything
> before 0.10 had issues with SSH.
> I’d hate to bring a Server 2003 terminal server into the mix, ie:
> <>
> There’s an excellent write-up on the LTSP site here:
> I’m half tempted just to look into giving the respective home
> directories access via a web browser via authentication since this
> server sits behind our firewall anyway.
> I’ve begun working with pam_mount but am not real clear about how it
> all ties together.
> You’ve given me a good start, Clay. Thx again!
> Regards,
> Kory
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> *From:* Clay Berlo [mailto:clay.berlo at]
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> *To:* Kory Mohr
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> *Subject:* RE: Success!! And a SAMBA/winbind question...
> Kory,
> Well, I've done exactly what you're looking for, and it can be a pain
> to configure. Also, it "voids the manufacturer's warranty" (seems to
> have to run in a non-standard configuration that breaks other
> functionality).
> Basically, there's a PAM module called pam_mount that allows you to
> automatically mount shares at login. Works very well for ADS/winbind
> authentication and home drive mounting. However, in order to make this
> work, I had to ditch the SSH-based LDM login used by default in
> Edubuntu and switch to pure XDMCP. There seems to be some kind of
> problem passing the authentication token from SSH on to the pam_mount.
> So, at least in my experience thus far, you can either have the SSH
> logins found in Edubuntu by default (and have the lovely local devices
> etc. that are in Edgy) or you can have your home drives mounted at
> login. If I could find a way to do both, that would be just perfect!
> So, how do you get this working? In short, install the pam_mount
> (apt-get install libpam-mount) and configure it to mount your
> appropriate shares. It's fairly simple, but seems to fail when used in
> combination with SSH. I'd be curious to know if a more recent install
> fixes this, but last I tested a couple of weeks ago with Edgy, it
> still had issues.
> Good luck!
> ~Clay

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